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Why is the primary care coverage of my vacation health insurance important?


When choosing health insurance on many occasions we look at coverage as important as specialists, medical centers, access to diagnostic tests or referral hospitals. It is logical, they are major coverage for important or at least urgent health problems.

Services of primary care or general medicine

Services of primary care or general medicine

But if we review our needs over a year we see that, in most cases, we go to the doctor for small ailments, illnesses or accidents, something that solves us the services of primary care or general medicine . This reality is even more visible in summer and therefore a main point to consider when we are away from home enjoying our rest days.

Primary care in summer

With primary care we talk about both the general practitioner for adults and pediatrician for the little ones, but also nursing , a main point especially in case of small accidents that are very common in the summer, such as falls, burns, insect bites, etc. .

But it is also for small diseases that multiply these days: food poisoning, otitis, cystitis, etc. In most cases, small problems, which only if they have a more serious picture justify the emergency passage and have to be treated by primary care, which means that in some areas the demand for these services is multiplied.

The medical care we seek on vacation thanks to Good Finance

The medical care we seek on vacation thanks to Dottore

What medical attention should we look for in our vacation spot? It is important that before traveling we check the nearest medical service of our place of vacation and that it covers. With Good Finance , for example, it is very simple with the online medical center search engine, you can locate all the services by province and locality selected from the more than 50,000 specialists and 1,000 clinics at your disposal.

With this you can be clear about what services you have, where you are and even have information about the medical center itself, such as its prestige or added services. But most importantly your business hours and telephone or other way to make an appointment.

Coverage allows you to be sure of getting the best care

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This coverage allows you to be sure of getting the best care without the problems and agglomerations of the public health system in the most crowded holiday areas. It is also the service of general medicine or pediatrics itself that, if necessary, will refer you to another service or request a diagnostic test quickly and efficiently.

All this with one objective, that you enjoy the tranquility and the maximum care of your health in vacations as if you were in your house.

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